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Experienced Dentists

Has the allure of running your own practice started to fade?  Tired of being the first person to show up in the morning, the last person to leave at night and the last person to get paid at the end of the month?  Are staffing issues, insurance companies and the day to day of running your practice leaving you with less time to actually practice dentistry, consuming time with family or limiting leisure pursuits?  Are you in an unbalanced or unhealthy partnership where your interests are diverging from your partners?  Spending more time managing partnership issues than treating patients?

There is a simpler and better way.  If you are weary of the everyday hassles of running a practice but still want to exercise and be paid for your clinical skills and experience, Day & Night Family Dental (“the Practice”) might be the place for you.  We are actively looking for full time, experienced dentists who are looking for something better.

Day & Night Family Dental is a modern, large (16 operatory) and expertly managed dental clinic focusing on patient access.  The Practice is open 7 days a week / 365 days a year, accepts most insurance, pre-paid dental plans as well as walk-ins.  With expansive hours, many chairs and a large, diverse and growing patient base, Day & Night Family Dental has plenty of flexibility and opportunity for the experienced clinician.  Our entrepreneurial culture allows most dentists to replicate the incomes they might generate owning their own practice without all the associated headaches.  A full-time experienced dentist at Day & Night Family Dental can typically earn into the top quartile of local practicing dentists.

Flexible full-time and part-time positions are currently available for day, evening and weekend shifts.  By scheduling flexibility we do not mean your schedule must be flexible to meet our needs, we mean our schedule is flexible to meet your needs.  We work with our dentists to put together schedules that are optimal for both parties.

Stop by, meet our expert staff and tour our new clinic.  We know you will like what you see and be impressed by the people you meet.  Taking the next exploratory step is easy as well.  Most candidates take a few shifts to get a feel for our Practice and understand how it might serve your full or part-time needs.  We are positive once you get a first-hand experience working with us and a feel for your earnings potential, you will seriously consider joining our growing and happy family.  There are no long term commitments, contracts or onerous non-competes at Day & Night Family Dental.  We are that confident that you will like what you see, experience and earn.  Be forewarned though, our expert, attentive and fun loving staff will make it difficult to work anywhere else.

If you are interested and wish to take what might be an important next step in advancing your dental career and simplifying your life, send your preferred contact information (email/phone number) to today. We will promptly reply and look forward to telling you about our practice and the great full-time and part-time opportunities at Day & Night Family Dental.

All inquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence. Contact us today; you will be glad you did.