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Newly Graduated Dentists

Every new dentist has walked this road……I graduate in May, have tens of thousands of dollars of student debt and a few job offers.  Now what?  Not sure what kind of practice would be a good fit for me clinically or professionally?  I need income but I also need to be in a supportive, professional environment where I can continue to learn and gather additional, hands on, practical experience. 

Day & Night Family Dental (“the Practice”) is the perfect option for you to consider.  The Practice was founded and is owned by B.G. Harrison, D.D.S.  Dr. Harrison was an instructor at Louisiana State University School Of Dentistry and he still enjoys teaching others what he has learned over many years of private practice.  For those candidates who become valued members of the Day & Night Family Dental team, continuing education opportunities are available.

The large, access oriented nature of the Practice lends itself to being a fantastic learning environment.  Day & Night Family Dental is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and takes most forms of insurance and pre-paid dental plans.  The Practice also hosts 16 state of the art operatories supported by an experienced all-star staff.  This unique practice model lends itself to a diverse mix of patients and dental health issues as well as outstanding earnings potential.

Our Practice also provides for plenty of scheduling flexibility for candidates that have family obligations or interests outside of work that might conflict with a typical 8 hour / 4 day a week work schedule.  By scheduling flexibility, we do not mean your schedule must be flexible to meet our needs, we mean our schedule is flexible to meet your needs.  We have daytime, evening and weekend shifts available.

Our goal is to make your professional experience at Day & Night Family Dental so appealing, that you can’t imagine practicing anywhere else.  Accordingly, we do not require our dentists to sign a contract that commits them to practicing with us for an extended period of time.  We also do not require our dentists to execute a non-compete agreement that would inhibit you from transitioning to another local practice (indentured servitude went out in the middle-ages). We want all our valued dentists to be successful, with or without us.  A word of warning though, most dentists that do leave, tend to want to come back.

Start the conversation by emailing your preferred contact information (email address/phone number) to today, and we will promptly be in touch. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how Day & Night Family Dental can be a great place to start and grow your dental career. Contact us today; you will be glad you did.